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One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Vulalula is efficiency and hard work. The company was established with the desire to empower, provide people with products and services that will help improve their day-to-day consumer experiences.

Founder and CEO Keith Mafu identified a gap in the market and saw an opportunity to not only help South Africans on a medical and hygienic level but to potentially help South Africans on an economic level by creating jobs within various positions in a new found industry.

 As the COVID-19 virus continues to affect millions of lives across the world, we noticed that it also provided an opportunity for entrepreneurship within the health industry. Even though the mask and sanitizer industry have had a significant growth rate since the start of 2020, we understood that those markets had already become too saturated in which several non-health based businesses and individuals had migrated towards producing masks, sanitizers and similar health products.

 We wanted to create a product that would still be able to contribute towards our current environment in 2020 as well as provide many South Africans with an income to survive. That is when we developed the idea of a hands-free door opener that would help curb the spread of harmful germs and viruses in common areas, from public restrooms to the refrigerators inside your local grocery store.

Our company believes that the responsibility lies in the hands of the landlords and institutions that have created communal spaces to ensure the safety of the consumers that spend their hard-earned money within those environments. Brands that show compassion and implement real solutions for the betterment of the community will increase trust, saliency and ultimately improve sales.

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