The Vulalula Journey

Our journey began in the epicentre of the chaotic lockdown period and COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.Where most saw fear, panic and social distancing, we saw an opportunity to find new ways to connect and lend ourselves to a common goal.

Today, we are proud to provide additional hygiene measures for retailers, schools and office parks. Helping thousands of people from across the African continent in minimising the spread of the corona virus and flattening the curve.

The tongue twister

Vulalula – meaning “Open Easy” is named after its mission to open doors, both literally and metaphorically as the African continent needs more opportunities in empowerment of youth and black owned businesses.

Our Product

We believe in supplying cost effective and contextually relevant solutions that can be implemented quickly and have the power to create an immediate impact in the community.

Our flagship product is a unique and innovative response to minimising the use of hands on communal doors and encourages the use of the forearm rather than the hands to open doors, gates and fridges.

The Ele-handle is a hands-free door handle that attaches to various door types and can be adjusted in orientation for a more comfortable/fluid arm motion. Once set up, doors can be easily opened by use of the forearm instead of the hands. Hook, pull and go.

The product comes with a set of screws, lock-nut, Allen key, signage and installation guide.

Vulalula DIY Guide
Vulalula Signage