Welcome to Vulalula your number one source of hands free door
handles. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best in personal
protection equipment in combating the spread of the Corona (COVID-19)

Our products have a focus on 3 characteristics:
Customer Service
Durability and reliability

Founded in 2020, Vulalula was a company founded as an answer to
anti-covid efforts. Quickly finding innovative ways to assist in the battle
against corona virus that would be effective and applicable on a macro-
scale through help of big businesses, parastatal institutions and student
related fields instead of only looking to the individual people of South
Africa to know how to approach this pandemic.

Necessity is the mother of invention” – Ancient Proverb

Adapting to the changing environment and new-norm that we will face
for years to come has been a great consideration for the Vulalula team
which has a passion for people and solving daily challenges.This passion drove us to intensely research ways to innovate and
manufacturer locally, empowering and creating local jobs thus owning
our own South African product from manufacturing to distribution.

We now serve customers all over South Africa and will be expanding
further into Sub-Saharan Africa in the coming weeks.

We wish you all good health and fortitude. If you have any questions or
comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.